Personalised Glitter Wine Bottles
14th May 2019

Glitter Gin Bottle Gifts:-

What better than buying a bottle of your favourite gin, than treating yourself to a glitter gin bottle, or even better, buy your best friend one for that special occasion. But Why?

The history of glitter:-

Mankind has been using light-reflecting particles for special occasions since the dawn of civilization. Today, it’s everywhere. More than 40,000 years ago Mica flakes were used in cave paintings and by ancient civilizations (Egyptian, Chinese, Greek, Roman) for their sparkly, light-catching quality. The early nineties brought a sparkle epidemic as glitter takes over childhood as sparkle filled wands and glitter pens are marketed to tweens. In 2006 comes the addition of the glittered My Special Pony to the well loved toy. And so we end up here today. Glitter Gin BottlesGlitter Pink 47 Gin Bottle

Glitter Gin Bottle Gifts:-

Sparkly gin bottles are rapidy growing in popularity as gifts for all ages. I bet many of you are like me, struggling for ideas, when it comes to trying to think of a really nice gift for a friend, or relative. Opening a present and being hit with a sparkly glitter bottle of your favourite tipple, in your favourite colour, would bring a smile to the face of most. Your problems are over! Take a look at our 8 different brands of gin, Hendrick’s, Gordon’s, Bloom, Bombay Sapphire, Greenhall’s, Tanqueray, Opihr and the stunning bottle of, Pink 47, all available in our 24 different colours of glitter. Great for birthdays, anniversaries, christmas, parties and weddings. Not only do you enjoy the contents but get to keep the sparkly bottle too. A growing number of people have now started a collection of glitter bottles. My wife had a collection of tea pots in her teenage years and I am guessing this is now the modern equivalent.  We have a range of glitter glasses to complement the bottles and have combinations of both in our gift box sets

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  1. Jenny Clark says:

    I recently purchased one of the Glitter Gin bottles as a gift. It was a great success and looked beautiful. I would happily recommend anyone to use you.
    Many thanks, Jenny