Glitter Gordons Gift Set
Glitter Gordons Gift Set – All Flavours Available – Available in a Christmas gift box.
11th November 2020
Glitter Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Bottle
Glitter Whitley Neill Original Gin
20th November 2020

Glitter Freixenet Gift Set – Now available with our luxury personalised gift boxes!


Delivery in 4 days available.

Here we have a beautiful Freixenet Prosecco Gift Set 70cl seen here wearing our raspberry glitter. All our bottles are full and sealed!

Choose from red or white and either a luxury plain gift box with gold ribbon or a personalised gift box with gold mirror writing. The price shown is for a plain, non-personalised gift box and includes stem glitter on the glass.

Choose one of our designs, or just use your own text!

If your choice has “Design” beside it, please enter 1 name for Birthday, 1 or 2 names for Merry Christmas and 2 names and a number for anniversary, in the box below. If “own text” enter up to 6 words – this is not script style writing.

Freixenet Prosecco Gift Set 75cl.

Freixenet Prosecco gift set, presented in a striking cut-glass bottle, Freixenet Prosecco range blends superior quality with stunning beauty. Using our 150 years of sparkling winemaking expertise, Freixenet has created a stand-out, high quality and stylish wine that is the perfect for any occasion.

Made from the finest grapes of northern Italy, Freixenet Prosecco is a delicate delight for the palate. Fresh and fruity, with aromas of flowers, citrus and apple. Therefore, this Prosecco is the perfect sparkling for celebrating big and small moments. Extra Dry. A refreshing Prosecco with a clean fresh palate of ripe lemon, green apple and grapefruit flavours.


Based in Catalonia and founded in the 19th century, Freixenet remains a family business.

With winery estates worldwide, Freixenet has grown to become one of the world’s leading producers of both still and sparkling wine.

As a result, Freixenet has now extended its expertise and globally-renowned name to Prosecco.

Regional Information

Made from the finest Glera grapes in Italy’s Prosecco region of Veneto, Freixenet Prosecco is as distinctive as it is delicious.

Vinification Details

The aromas and freshness of its grapes are preserved thanks to a first slow cooled fermentation. The second fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks pressurized at controlled temperature.

Glitter Freixenet Gift Set Optional extras:- Before you decide take a look at photos of the options at our About Us Page 

In addition, why not add diamantes? All of our bottles are FULL.

We double seal our glitter bottles to reduce glitter loss with use.

To chill your bottle, place it in a fridge, rather than in water, in an ice bucket.

Finally, your glitter Freixenet gift will arrive in a large box with protective packing.

Most of all, we hope that you really enjoy your purchase and that you will visit us on our Facebook Page as a result.