Glitter Jack Daniel's Bottle
Glitter Jack Daniel’s Bottle
25th September 2017
Glitter Pink 47 Gin Bottle
Glitter Pink 47 Gin Bottle
5th October 2017

Glitter Vino Spumante Prosecco Bottle


Delivery in 4 days available.

Our Vino Spumante Prosecco 75cl is pictured here in our striking Yellow Gold & Light Gold Ombre Glitter and our Sunset and Rose Ombre Glitter. All our bottles are full and sealed.

Gift Boxes – Choose from red or black and either a luxury plain gift box with gold ribbon or a personalised gift box with gold mirror writing. 

Choose one of our designs, or just use your own text!

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All come Gift Wrapped unless you purchase a gift box below!

The 2/3 item Gift Boxes will take a bottle and a Gin Balloon, or a bottle and 2 flutes, or Tumblers. For Pink 47, or Disaronno, they will only take 2 items.

Enter 1 name for Birthday, 1 or 2 names for Merry Christmas and a number for anniversary, in the text box below. “Own text is not script writing”

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Glitter Vino Spumante Prosecco Bottle 75cl.

Prosecco has been enjoyed since Roman times, and this classic Vino Spumante Prosecco (DOC) is our favourite from North East Italy’s Salgareda region.  The Salgareda region is not far from Roma – a classic sparkling wine perfect for a celebration!

It has delicate citrus fruit tones. Ideal for all occasions, great with salads, excellent with fish, well-balanced acidity.

Prosecco D.O.C. Spumante extra dry

Prosecco, as we know it today first, came to market around the 1960s when the winemakers of the region began to produce it in a dryer style.

The wine is made in the long perfected method of the region. A light and delicate still ‘base’ wine is made from carefully harvested grapes. The quality is key at this stage to ensure the balance of the final wine is at the highest standard. This still wine is then placed into a large vessel and yeast and some sugar are added. The yeast reacts with the sugar and secondary fermentation takes place during which carbon dioxide is produced. This gas has nowhere to escape to as the vessel is pressurised and therefore slowly dissolves into the liquid. Subsequently, it is released when the bottle is opened and forms the bubbles that make the wine so fresh and attractive.

Sparkly Glitter Vino Spumante Prosecco Bottle Extra options available:- Before you decide take a look at photos of the options and Gift Box at our About Us Page

In addition, why not add diamantes, or even a gift box? All of our bottles are FULL.

We also have matching glitter glasses to compliment your glitter Bollinger champagne bottle.

Finally, your sparkly champagne bottle arrives in a beautiful clear gift bag, in a large box, with protective packing. We double seal our glitter bottles to reduce glitter loss with use.

To chill your bottle, place it in a fridge, rather than in water, in an ice bucket.

Above all, we hope that you really enjoy your glitter Bollinger champagne bottle and that you will visit us on our Facebook Page as a result.